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The Museum of the Future Dubai, a new addition to the city's architectural marvels collection, is no ordinary museum; it is a portal into the future. Considered to be the World's Most Beautiful Building, it is a center for knowledge-sharing and innovation. Bringing together science, modernisation, and culture, it aims to alter people's perceptions of their own and others' futures.

The Museum of Future Dubai’s architecture is as aesthetically impressive as its exhibits and collections. While the steel facade features calligraphic representations of three quotations from His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Arabic poetry, the spherical shape of the structure represents humanity. The structure's green mound represents the earth, while the space (void) symbolizes an uncertain future.

Each floor of the Museum of the Future is dedicated to a different exhibit, highlighting five chapters: OSS Hope, Heal Institute, Al Waha, Tomorrow Today, and Future Heroes. Climate change, the environment, health and well-being, spirituality, the future of human life, and space exploration are just a few of the numerous topics covered in these exhibits.

The immersive theater, interactive displays, and themed attractions make the museum a one-of-a-kind museum experience. Book your Museum of the Future Dubai tickets to learn about the risks and opportunities that face our world today, as well as how we can help shape the future!

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Museum of the Future Dubai tickets are available on the official website that allows you to take a virtual trip to 2071 with digital exhibits, publications, and other events. Booking your tickets online offers the advantage of special discounts, ensuring a stress-free and budget-friendly trip. This will help you save money and time on your trip to the Museum of the Future Dubai.

Pre-book one of the museum's 15 time slots, which are open from ten in the morning until six in the evening. Visitors of age 3 and up are eligible for Dubai Museum of the Future tickets, while kids under 3 get free access.

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  • Visit the Museum of the Future, the famous museum in Dubai, and admire its ring-shaped stainless steel architecture

  • Enter the visionary ambiance of OSS Hope on the 5th floor by a simulated space shuttle to see captivating missions, discoveries, & inventions of OSS Home

  • Get to know about the impact of climatic changes on the planet as you visit the Heal Institue in the 'Digital Amazon'

  • Visit the 'Tomorrow Today' exhibition and gain some insights into the technological advancements that will lead the planet

  • Book the Museum of the Future tickets and re-imagine your future with various themes of wellness, space & humanity

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All visitors, including those eligible for free admission, must book a time slot to enter the museum.
  • Museum of the Future Dubai tickets provide full access to the museum experience and facilities.
  • You can self-park your vehicle on the day of validity free of charge for 3 hours. Electric Car charging and Valet Parking is also available. Please note that parking spaces are limited and subject to availability.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • You are allowed to take photographs and videos without flashlight for personal, non-commercial use.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
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Museum of the Future Architecture

An architectural marvel, the Museum of Future Dubai architecture serves as an alternative to Dubai's high-rises-dominated skyline. Its steel and glass asymmetric torus design was named one of the world's most beautiful museums by National Geographic. With the hill, building, and void, three main components of this museum's design, it represents Dubai's vision for the future.

The green slope gently elevates the structure above the metro line, creating an oasis of greenery in Dubai. Covered in Arabic calligraphy about the future, the building emerging from the hill is 78 meters tall and has seven levels with no internal pillars, making it an engineering miracle. The void resembles an eye peeking into the future and serves as a source of inspiration for today's entrepreneurs and creators. The Museum is a visual and aesthetic symbol of the city and a benchmark for innovation.

The Interior
The Exterior
Museum of the Future

The main building is seven stories tall, with six exhibition floors and one administration floor above a three-story podium and a food and beverage deck with an auditorium, parking, retail, and services. There are five chapters, each depicting a different topic, spread across six exhibition floors. Climate change, health, wellbeing, ecology, imagination, spirituality, and space travel & living are the topics covered in these chapters through interactive exhibits, themed attractions, and immersive theater.

A combination of sophisticated technology, 3D modeling, BIM engineering, and other variables contributed to the construction of the Museum of Future Dubai, which now serves as a model for future low-carbon structures in the UAE.

Why You Should Visit the Museum of the Future?

A visit to the Museum of the Future Dubai will leave you speechless as you are transported 50 years into the future. Through a variety of exhibits and experiences with interactive installations, you will also learn more about our planet and how to preserve it. Also, you'll get the chance to take a break from the hectic pace of today's digital world to relax and recharge.

You'll feel like you're in a dream while viewing the museum's different exhibitions on space flight, climate change, technological growth, and many other topics. Everything in this museum is fascinating from the calligraphy panels, the drop pods, the five chapters, and the observation deck to the Robot Barista and retail counters.

Point of Interest Of Museum of The Future Dubai

Robot Barista
Robot Barista

Get a glimpse of the future by stopping at the museum's Robot Barista and purchasing a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Located on the ground floor, just behind the spiral staircase, this cafe is a must-stop for anyone looking to have an unforgettable experience. From nitro pecan coffee and caramel lattes to peach tea, this cafe has a wide variety of options for customers. Scan a QR code to place your order, then watch a robot prepare your beverage. This experience is sure to amaze the entire family.

MOF merchandise -
MOF merchandise

When you visit the Museum of the Future Dubai, you can buy a variety of souvenirs for yourself and your family. Museum, OSS HOPE, Heal Institute, Al Waha, and Future Heroes are some of the collection's divisions. Collectibles include toys, books, gifts, accessories, home goods, stationery, and fashion items. Calligraphy-inspired gifts, such as pens, bottles, and notebooks are available.

There are also space-themed art, keychains, and magnets. The collection includes bags, notebooks, and artwork inspired by the Heal Institute as well as Oasis-themed cups, yoga mats, posters, and more. Furthermore, there are numerous small child games and toys for sale. All collections are available online, so you can order them whenever you want.

Chapters of the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future interior is an absolute visual extravaganza, that may even feel like something out of a dream. Experience some of the most mind-boggling futuristic concepts inside the Museum of Future, starting right at the massive museum lobby to all the seven levels that comprise the attraction. Each of them showcases a unique concept featuring space technology, augmented reality, sensory rooms, the power of technology, and much more.

Museum of the Future
Chapter 1: Explore Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope

You can begin your journey through the Museum of Future Dubai on the 5th level with the OSS Hope, a space expedition that takes you 600 kilometers above the earth. The experience demonstrates the future prospects of human space travel.

Then you enter the OSS Hope station, the station's command center through the 3D walls constructed of recycled materials. Here, you will learn about the missions undertaken by OSS Hope, as well as its discoveries and inventions through a video clip. Before proceeding, be sure to sign up to become a pioneer of OSS's mission.

Museum of the Future
Chapter 2: Discover Amazon Forest and Diverse Species at Heal Institute

Chapter 2, Heal Institute, will greet you with a view of a futuristic Dubai, possibly in the year 2071. The heal institute at 4th Level employs cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to provide a preview of genetically changed Amazon Forest.

The experience will let you learn the consequences of climatic changes and how humans can minimize them. Following that is the Library of Life, a DNA vault containing over 2000 species locked in illuminated glass jars. Level 4 also includes an ecosystem simulator, a laboratory that experiments on how a new species can affect the environment.

Museum of the Future
Chapter 3: Strike a Balance Between Reality and Virtuality at Al Waha

Al Waha or Oasis at Level 3 is a collection of experiences that have the potential to rejuvenate the mind and body. With a Dubai Museum of the Future ticket, you can disconnect from digital devices and immerse yourself in a healing environment.

The Oasis is a sensory spa with several sensory rooms and activities to help you unplug from technology and relax your mind. Before you leave, make a wish at the Make A Wish Pool and participate in a variety of interactive solo and group activities. Try to abandon technology and embrace your imagination to feel revitalized.

Museum of the Future
Chapter 4: Celebrate Technology and Innovations at Tomorrow Today

Level 2 of the Museum of the Future Dubai celebrates technology, displaying gadgets and innovations that can assist you in overcoming challenges and shaping a positive future. This section of the museum aims to educate you about the power of technology through various exhibits and illustrates how designers, researchers, and others are responding to current technological advancements.

With its outdoor viewing deck, this floor also provides access to some spectacular sights. The views from the deck are breathtaking, as you can see the museum's half-curve as well as the surrounding scenery.

Museum of the Future
Chapter 5: Let Kid's Imagination Run Wild at Future Heroes

Chapter 5, located on Level 1, is the final stage of the Museum's journey and a futuristic play area designed specifically for children. They can use this space to broaden their imaginative boundaries and explore new ideas.

This zone, which incorporates a variety of chores and games, aspires to instill in the children abilities that will serve them well as they go through the years. The zone is included in the Museum of the Future cost, allowing children from the ages of three to ten. They can run around and play while learning how to properly develop and attractively shape their own destiny.

Know Before You Go for the Museum of the Future

Location & how To Reach
Museum of the Future Tips
Museum of the Future
  • Sheik Zayed Road, Trade Center 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How To Reach:- By Metro: Emirates Towers Metro Station is right in front of the Museum of Future Dubai. A dedicated pathway connects the museum to the metro station for easy access. - By Bus: The Dubai government has also organized a special bus service to take visitors to the attraction. - By Car/Taxi: If you want to arrive quickly and easily, you can either drive yourself or use a taxi service.

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit the Museum of the Future Dubai is on weekday mornings, as this allows for a more leisurely exploration of the attractions. Since Monday to Thursday are less busy than weekends and the majority of guests arrive at night, this museum is comparatively less crowded on weekday mornings. Additionally, aim to schedule your visit between mid-November and the end of February to take advantage of the pleasant weather.

Museum of the Future Facts

Checkout some of the best facts of Museum of the future:

  • The Museum of Future Dubai is a pillarless structure standing 77 meters tall.
  • It occupies a 30,000-square-meter space, with a stainless steel facade covering more than 17,000 square meters.
  • The 14,000-meter area of the building surface is covered in Arabic calligraphy designed by Bin Lahej based on poems of His Highness Sheik Mohammed.
  • Influenced by Feng Shui, the building's torus shape depicts the hill (earth), the main structure (sky), and the space in the center (unknown future).
  • A total of 1,000 molds were utilized to support the building's fiberglass and stainless steel frame.
  • The Museum of the Future Dubai also features a garden comprising 100 plant species, representing the UAE's heritage and biodiversity.

Museum of the Future FAQs

What is the Museum of the Future Dubai famous for?

    The Museum of the Future Dubai is famous for being a place that takes visitors on a journey into the future rather than a typical museum. It helps witnessing the world's future in terms of science, technology, innovations, and other different facets of nature. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the most attractive museums because of its unique architecture and design.

What is written on the Museum of the Future building?

Why is the Museum of the Future shaped like an eye?

How many floors are there in the Museum Of The Future?

How many chapters or levels are there in the Museum Of The Future?

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