Museum of the Future Inside Overview

Dubbed as the ‘world’s most beautiful building’, the Dubai Museum of the Future inside will immediately transport you to a world that is sleek, futuristic, and ultra-modern in its own unique way. Located in one of Dubai’s most prominent areas, the museum complex is perhaps the most ambitious project in the world. It envisions the world about fifty to a hundred years from now and what has emerged is this strikingly modern structure that glistens in Dubai’s skyline alongside some of their other world-famous creations.

The Museum of the Future interior takes you on a journey to an unforeseen unpredictable future along with exciting futuristic ideas, innovations, and experiences. Spanning seven floors covering more than 30,000 sq m, the museum is a visual treat for everyone who visits here. You can explore a different concept on each of these seven floors ranging from climate change and space travel to technological advancements and much more. There are various expereinces and exibitions to make your visit worth while.

Start at the exquisite mind-boggling lobby with its mammoth floating-themed aerobes roaming the huge atrium and then head to the other levels each of which holds its own share of magic and wonder. On the other levels of the museum, you can witness modernistic impressions including a space shuttle simulation, an ecosystem simulator, the sensory room, futuristic technology, a futuristic play space for kids, and much more. Take a moment to stop at the museum cafeteria where a robot barista awaits you.

Museum of the Future Lobby

The Museum of the Future inside starts off on an exceptional note with its massive lobby complete with futuristic themes floating about the atrium. The state-of-the-art pod that will transport you to each of the seven levels of the museum, called chapters here, also starts at the lobby of this gateway to the future. Plan your visit to have adventurous experience.

Museum of the Future
Calligraphy Panels

The Museum of the Future interior opens with its jaw-dropping lobby and the amazing floating animal-themed aerobes that you will find wandering all across the mammoth atrium. These suspended robotic creatures make way for you to marvel at the pristine white panels of the lobby that form its entire ceiling.

The roof in turn is encased in exquisite and distinctly designed Arabic calligraphy that is cut out beautifully so as to stream sunlight right into the museum lending its interiors a warm golden haze at all times. The entire window of cut-out calligraphy is also a symbol of the museum’s connection with the outer world.

Museum of the Future
Drop Pod

The Museum of the Future inside also has a Drop Pod located in its lobby area which awaits your presence to transport you to a different section of the museum. Once you have explored the lobby, you can step into the sophisticated drop pod that will take you straight to the fifth level which is the place where the first chapter begins. This is essentially a bubble elevator into which you can step to commence your journey into the future.


As you step onto the 5th floor of the Museum of the Future inside, your journey to the future begins at OSS Hope. Enjoy the fascinating 3D walls here along with interesting discoveries, space missions, and inventions pertaining to the future. It envisions that humanity’s collective energy project be directed by one space station, which is the Orbital Space Station or OSS Hope.

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Space Shuttle Simulation

The space shuttle simulation which is situated in Chapter 1 when you are at the Dubai Museum of the Future inside, will take you on a journey into space. Once here, you can take a ride to space and get an insight into what life is like in outer space.

If a real-life space shuttle and a ride inside it interests you, the shuttle simulation here is just for you. You will have a life-like take-off experience in a space shuttle complete with all the sounds and processes. Once in, you can also get a view of the city of Dubai and outer space through the panels of the shuttle.

Robot Barista
Space Station Command Center

Once you embark on your futuristic space journey with Chapter 1 at the Dubai Museum of the Future inside, you will reach the OSS Hope and subsequently the command center of the station.

There is a detailed overview of all the space missions that have been undertaken by the station so far. You can have a look at not only these missions but also monitor their projects and much more once you are at the Space Station Command Center.

Museum of the Future
Pioneer Application

Once at the Dubai Museum of the Future inside you can also be guided to newer and simpler missions that are in the process of hiring new recruits, here at the pioneer application center of the OSS Hope. In fact, you too can make an application for any of the roles that fascinate you.

The mission at hand is explained in detail by two portals to the new recruits here. Once the roles are clear, you will also be given specific duties which may include anything from a Junior Bio Designer, an Asteroid Fleet Pilot, and much more, all working on the orbit of the planet Earth.

Chapter 2: LEVEL 4: The Heal Institute

Upon the completion of Chapter 1 at the Dubai Museum of the Future inside, you move on to the next level which is Chapter 2 called the Heal Institute. Go down to the 4th floor of the museum to witness the city of Dubai and the world in the future, most likely in the year 2071. Witness a genetically modified digital Amazon, an eco-lab that can help bring about changes in the environment.

Museum of the Future
The Garden

This section of the Heal Institute at the Dubai Museum of the Future inside, makes use of some very interesting augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to bring to you a fascinating sight from the future.

You get to have a preview of an electrifying concept of a genetically modified and digital Amazon Forest. You also get to experience the wonders of nature in this part of the museum, complete with all the real sights and sounds of the forest. It will give visitors a clear indication of how the fast-changing climatic conditions are going to affect the world along with a way in which humans can rectify them.

Museum of the Future
Vault Of Life

You will now proceed to the next section of the Heal Institute which is a DNA vault and is known here as the Library of Life. Savor the very unique and interesting concepts explored here with the help of data and material that you cannot expect to see anywhere else.

You will see more than 2000 species that are locked inside laboratory glass jars. In these species, you can notice the smallest of details that are not noticeable with the naked eye elsewhere. The sights within the vault touch the next level with the use of a special illumination that makes it look even more beautiful.

Museum of the Future
Ecosystem Simulator

Level 4 of the Museum of the Future also houses an ecosystem simulator which, as the name suggests, is built with the intention of healing the world after it has borne the maximum brunt of climatic changes and human irregularities. The ecosystem simulator is basically a laboratory that has been set up to test how the evolution of a new species can help bring changes to the environment.

Chapter 3: LEVEL 3: Al Waha

Al Waha is translated as ‘Oasis’ in English and comprises a series of experiences that have a curative effect on your mind as well as your body. Step into the Level 3 at the Museum of the Future interior for a completely different and healing experience which is also a break from the digital mediums.

Museum of the Future
Make A Wish Pool

In Chapter 3 of the Museum of the Future, you will come across a pool that is believed to have healing powers and you can also make a wish for your future before it. This section has been created on the premise of giving a respite to visitors from its hard-core futuristic aspects. While the entire museum is dedicated to technological advancements, you will find this exhibit a sanctuary, an ‘oasis’ as it is rightly referred to. Here you will be able to disconnect, for a moment from technology and reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit.

Museum of the Future
Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is located in another section of the Oasis and serves as a sanitarium for your senses. The entire area has been divided into sections which are known as sensory rooms. There are a variety of activities as well that are conducted here that serve as a source of solace for your mind by disconnecting yourself for a while from technology. It stands in deep contrast with the rest of the museum which is completely dedicated to technological advancement and may at some point be a cause of some digital fatigue.

Chapter 4: LEVEL 2: Tomorrow Today

The second floor of the Museum of the Future is dedicated to celebrating futuristic technologies that can prove fruitful in the coming years and enhance it. It keeps in mind the challenges faced by the generation today and exhibits gadgets and innovations that can help shape a future free from unwanted obstacles.

Museum of the Future
Futuristic Technology

As the name suggests, this level and chapter of the museum focus on hard-core technology. The primary aim of this section is to educate you on the immense power that technology holds in shaping a future we dream for ourselves without challenges or threats. Here you will also learn about the ways in which modern researchers and designers are responding to technological advancements and using them to bring about a positive future.

Museum of the Future
Viewing Deck

When you are on this level at the Museum of the future, you can venture outdoors to a viewing deck that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. You can traverse through an inner shell of the museum which leads the way to the outside and lets you enter the Viewing deck. Catch magnificent sights from here on the half curve of the museum as well as the scenes beyond.

Chapter 5: LEVEL 1: Future Heroes

Museum of the Future

This is a dedicated section for children that is hosted by the Museum of the Future. The entire area is modeled after video games and the children become players in the exhibit. It is great exposure for your kids as it is not only a fun experience for them but also is unique and develops their problem-solving skills as they navigate their ways through the various levels of difficulty, conquering challenges and in the process also collecting badges against their achievements. In this last chapter, children are given free rein to let their imaginations run wild.

The Architecture of the Museum of the Future

The Dubai Museum of the Future architect has been showered with praises over the marvelous structure in a torus shape with an elliptical void. The symbolic meaning of the void portion is the future ahead which is absolutely unknown while the solid part represents the knowledge that we have at present. The façade is uniquely designed with stainless steel and fiberglass panels which have in turn been adorned with intricate Arabic calligraphy all over it, precisely cut out using Ai and robotics technology. Particularly noteworthy is the way the outer envelope has been designed so as to let sunlight stream in during the day creating a mellow haze within the complex. The Arabic calligraphy is significant as well as they are the words of the nation’s Prime Minister about the future of the country.

It is not only believed to be one of the most beautiful museums in the whole world but also one of the most stunning buildings on the planet. The architectural wonder placed right alongside the glittering structures of Dubai including the world-famous Burj Khalifa, is a veritable visual treat, particularly for its unique shape. The framework of the structure has been put together with the help of nearly 2400 steel members that intersect diagonally. The design of the museum is an absolute wonder in the world of architecture and draws visitors by the thousands to just marvel at its complex framework.

The Construction of the Museum of the Future

The Dubai Museum of the Future construction has been a challenging one because of its reality-defying structure and framework. The building not only features a distinctive shape but also holds a symbolic meaning and the construction had to be done keeping in mind both.

Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future in Dubai has been erected based on a unique vision of its makers of the future world, its challenges, innovations, and solutions. Not only the outer structure of the building but also all the levels within it represent what its makers envisioned of our world a few years from now.

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  • Get to know about the impact of climatic changes on the planet as you visit the Heal Institue in the 'Digital Amazon'

  • Visit the 'Tomorrow Today' exhibition and gain some insights into the technological advancements that will lead the planet

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  • All visitors, including those eligible for free admission, must book a time slot to enter the museum.
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