Experiences to Have at Museum of the Future

Get a glimpse into the future and what the world would look like 50 years from now as you explore the intuitive exhibitions of Museum of the Future. Considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings on earth, this iconic building offers some of the most extraordinary experiences to all who visit here. Whether it is a robotic barista, once-in-a-lifetime space mission, or the wonders of nature, the magnificent museum has no dearth of fascinating experiences in store for its guests. With the help of themed attractions, exhibitions, and immersive theater, you are guaranteed out of the world experiences of Museum of Future.

The future of wellness
The future of wellness

One of the sections or chapters at the Museum of the Future, the Al Waha is an immersive space that is dedicated to the future of wellness. This is among the most unique experiences of Museum of Future as it gears you to look beyond the digital future and realize the power of your own body. This space comprises three distinct therapies, the Movement therapy, Feeling therapy, and Connection therapy.

In Movement Therapy, you can feel the surreal feeling of walking through a mystical body of water, created with the help of fluid generative visuals and a multi-channel soundscape.

Absorb restorative energy and re-sensitize your hands through light therapy, binaural audio, and haptic technology at Feeling Therapy.At Connection Therapy you can channel healing properties of the collective voices of all the guests creating an otherworldly light, sound, and scent.

The future of wellness
The Center

Visit the Center at the Al Waha section of the Museum of the Future to experience the therapeutic effects of meditation, movement, and water. The entire zone is controlled by electromagnetic fields which are rebalanced by vibrations that bring about the restoration of our natural rhythms. Get immersed in these reverberations and feel the healing properties stream through you amid the starkness around you. Place yourself beneath the dome of light and water glistening in surreal light as you put the present on a pause mode and let your imagination run wild on what the future could be.

The Vault of Life
The Vault of Life

Come to yet another awe-inspiring section of the Museum of the Future at the Heal Institute. The entire area has been converted into a DNA library of thousands of species where you can explore, collect, as well as contribute to the wonders of nature. Witness nearly 2,400 genetic codes of animals, sea creatures, insects, seeds and plants, all stored in glass cases. Discover new and interesting species as you become a part of the global effort to amend the damages caused by climate change.

Witness the wonder of the nature
Witness the wonder of the nature

Yet another of the most immersive experiences of Museum of Future, the Digital Amazon is a section you will find in the museum’s Heal Institute. Experience the wonders of nature as you soak yourself in mixed reality in the recreation of the Amazon rainforest. Watch how hundreds of species interplay in a futuristic digital environment and get to see minute details that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Explore the rich ecological system of the Amazon rainforests and gain a deeper understanding of climate change. Come up with your own brilliant concepts and ideas about what can be done about this to bring about a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Explore New
Explore New

Head to the first chapter at the Museum of the Future called the OSS Hope to get a mind boggling space experience. The New Explorers section in this exhibition of Museum of the Future takes you on a virtual journey to the space station. Once here, you also learn much about the Pioneers who live and work at the Space Station and the way they eat and breathe in these outer worldly conditions. Delve deep into the sort of missions that they undertake and learn about the things they discover and invent. You also get to gaze at the beautiful planet Earth as it looks from outer space.

Explore the Moon
Explore the Moon

Embark on the journey of a lifetime as you enjoy a voyage to the space station located almost 600 kilometers above the Earth. This section in the OSS Hope elevates you to the surreal outer space where you enjoy a distinct experience of Museum of Future, complete with all its wonders. Gaze outside your window and see the immense possibilities of the moon as you learn how it could be transformed into a source of renewable energy for planet Earth and all who inhabit it. Your tour guide, virtual avatar Aya will take you through the simulating spacecraft and will also give you a brief overview of the station’s mission, operation, and structure.

Exhibitions at Museum Of The Future

Journey To The Future
Journey To The Future

Journey to the Future is believed to be the most immersive exhibition of Museum of the Future. Spanning an area of 3,000 square meters, the entire place is designed in such a way that you get immediately transported into the future to the year 2071, which is the centenary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition is distinctly segregated into three chapters that occupy three different floors of the museum. The themes of each of these chapters cover topics like bioengineering, space travel, human health, reinvigorating a damaged ecosystem, and much more.

The different sections in this exhibition include A New Moon, New Explorers, Digital Amazon, The Heal Institute, and Al Waha. Explore the stunning Amazon rainforests complete with visually spectacular graphics and learn all about the threats posed by climate change. At Al Waha leave behind the digital world for a while and revive your senses in the Meditation Room, the Sand Bath, and more. Head to the Heal Institute to witness the mind-boggling rows of glass capsules holding thousands of plant and animal species.

Future Heroes
Future Heroes

This is one of the most exciting exhibition of Museum of the Future that largely caters to young children. This space primarily aims at helping inquisitive young minds develop amid child-centric surroundings designed to grasp their attentions immediately. Through playful activities, children get a conducive environment to sharpen important skills and enhance talents that will help sustain them in the future.

The entire section is segregated into five interesting experiences, the Rocket Tower, Design Lab, Balance Balloon, Build Lab, and Imagine Lab. They are designed in soothing colors and create an appealing ambiance to attract the attention of children. The activities here are created in such a way that they motivate touch and interaction which go on to enhance the children’s communication, concentration, and creativity. Besides that, each child gets to wear a cape and be their favorite hero making this an extremely fun experience for them.

Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow Today

This exhibition of Museum of the Future not only maintains the overall theme of the place but takes it a step forward in terms of technological innovations. It features the ways in which the world can be steered towards a better tomorrow. Explore the futuristic technologies in this section that have been designed and set up here by some of the most brilliant minds on the planet.

The innovations, gadgets, and technologies showcased here are such that they have the potential to change the world and the future. The exhibition also provides a space wherein experts from the fields of science, design, and technology can come together to brainstorm about a gateway to the near future.

You can see some of the most interesting futuristic gadgets, like self-driving cars, drones, and remote-controlled falcons, to name a few. Here you will also be motivated to build a better future through its five main areas- future cities and communities, environmental protection, food security for humanity, sustainable waste management, and agriculture and irrigation solutions.

Why Should You Explore Museum Of The Future?

Why Should You Explore Museum Of The Future?

1.) When you step into the Museum of the Future Dubai, you will immediately feel like you are in a time capsule that has transported you straight to the year 2071. From awe-inspiring technology to brilliant graphics adorning the entire museum, you are certain to get dazzled when you are here.

2.) The experiences of Museum of Future range from learning about the world in its present state as well as an inspiration to create a future that is greener, better, and more enriched. You can explore the different topics that the museum covers, each of them a crucial aspect pertaining to the future. These topics include climate change, space voyage, wellness and healing, spirituality, and sustainable living.

3.) Visit the Museum of the Future because it is much more than a traditional museum as it focuses on the future rather than dwelling in the past. It also presents a wonderful space for young minds to explore innovative possibilities, sharpen skills, and enhance their talents, all in a fun and exciting environment. The building that houses the museum in itself is a work of art and wonder that draws visitors from all across the planet.

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  • Visit the Museum of the Future, the famous museum in Dubai, and admire its ring-shaped stainless steel architecture

  • Enter the visionary ambiance of OSS Hope on the 5th floor by a simulated space shuttle to see captivating missions, discoveries, & inventions of OSS Home

  • Get to know about the impact of climatic changes on the planet as you visit the Heal Institue in the 'Digital Amazon'

  • Visit the 'Tomorrow Today' exhibition and gain some insights into the technological advancements that will lead the planet

  • Book the Museum of the Future tickets and re-imagine your future with various themes of wellness, space & humanity

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  • All visitors, including those eligible for free admission, must book a time slot to enter the museum.
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    The topics that are covered in the exhibitions of Museum of the Future include spirituality, space voyage, climate change, wellness and healing, and sustainable living. They are primarily focused on technological innovation, getting solutions to complex challenges of the present, and preparing for a sustainable future.

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