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Proclaimed by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful museums in the world, the Museum of the Future Dubai architecture stands for technological innovation at its very best. Located at just a short distance from yet another architectural wonder that the city boasts, the Burj Khalifa, the museum is built in a unique oval shape representing humanity. While the green patch of land below represents the Earth, the oval structure stands for the future as it is known to us while the void represents the unknown future.

The city of Dubai is known for its passion for innovation and a larger than life aura which is excellently manifested in its cloud kissing skyscrapers and an awe-inspiring skyline. The seven story Museum of the Future only adds to that aura, lending a glimpse into the future complete with all the hope, creativity, and knowledge it holds for mankind. The complex torus design of the building has been a source of wonder amongst the biggest architects in the world so much so that it is believed to be the most beautiful building in the world today. Visitors from across the globe flock here to explore its complex framework and try to understand its design and intrinsic architecture.

Who Designed the Museum of the Future?

Museum of the Future
  • The Museum of the Future design is an absolute wonder which is credited to a local architectural firm, Killa Design
  • The mastermind behind the primary complex is Shaun Killa, a very popular name amidst the middle-eastern architectural communities
  • The engineering aspect of the building was taken care of by a UK-based firm, Buro Happold
  • The Museum of the Future design has taken inspiration from a Feng Shui concept and is probably the firm’s most popular work till date
  • The Museum of the Future Dubai architecture team had created an in-house parametric to build the complex structure
  • The design of the building has been created with the help of high tech machinery and computer controlled tools to cut out more than 1000 moulds to help support the outer structure
  • The design of the building comprises exquisite Arabic calligraphy which runs across the entire outer façade. The words are quotes form the Prime Minister of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Exteriors Architecture of MOF Dubai

The Museum of the Future Dubai architecture is a veritable wonder which adds to the already scintillating Dubai skyline. The exterior design of the building with its unique eye shaped structure and Arabic calligraphy covering every inch of it, stands for creativity, hope, and knowledge along with a glimpse into the known and the unknown future.

Museum of the Future
Unique Eye Shaped Design of MOF Dubai

The primary feature of the Museum of the Future Dubai architecture which catches your eye is its unique eye shaped design. It stands for everything futuristic and is an absolute wonder that makes head turn if you happen to be on the famous Sheik Zayed Road of Dubai. The torus shape of the building symbolizes humanity in its entirety as it sits upon an elevated green mound that represents the Earth. The void in the center stands for the future which is not known to man but can be steered and directed in a positive way.

Museum of the Future
Arabic Calligraphy

The entire outer façade of the Museum of the Future is enveloped in intricate Arabic calligraphy. The words are from 3 quotes from His Highness, Sheik Mohammed which says, “the future belongs to those who can imagine, design, and execute it,” “We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone,” and, “The future does not wait. The future can be designed and built today.” The calligraphy belongs to the legendary Mattar Bin Lahej and the words of the quotes are aimed at inspiring mankind to be the change that they want to see in the future.

Interior Of MOF Dubai

Unlike any other traditional museum, the Museum of the Future Dubai architecture has been created thus, that they reflect the future as opposed to exhibiting a rusty past. As you enter the museum, the interiors will immediately transport you to a dream world and on a journey of the unpredictable future starting from the lobby to each of its 5 distinctive levels or chapters.

Museum of the Future

As you walk into the Museum of the Future you will immediately get transported to a surreal world with a visual treat that is bound to amaze you. The awe-inspiring enormous lobby of the museum comprises two distinct features, the calligraphy panels and the drop pod. When you enter the massive futuristic lobby area of the museum your attention will be immediately caught by the floating animal themed aerobes or floating robo creatures roaming across the entire stretch of the huge atrium. Look up to be greeted by a dreamy sight of a white paneled roof blanketed in exquisite Arabic calligraphy cut out in a way that lets sunlight stream in creating a mellow haze within. Next, hop into the futuristic drop pod awaiting you around the corner that will take you to the first chapter.

Museum of the Future

Begin your journey into the future as you step onto the 5th floor of the Museum of the Future at OSS Hope. The area comprises fascinating 3D walls with interesting discoveries, space missions, and inventions, all of which connect to a future world. The three unique zones within this level- the Space Shuttle Simulation, the Space Station command center, and Pioneer application, work towards a common vision – to have humanity’s collective energy directed by one space station, which is the Orbital Space Station or OSS Hope. Space Shuttle Simulation will take you on a journey into space with real-life space shuttle rides. The Space Station Command Center gives you a detailed overview of all the space missions that have been undertaken by the station so far. At Pioneer Application you can make an application for any of the roles that fascinate you.

Museum of the Future
LEVEL 4: The Heal Institute

Move on to Chapter 2 called the Heal Institute down on the 4th floor of the museum where you will witness the city of Dubai and the world as it is likely to be in the year 2071. From a genetically modified digital Amazon to an ecolab that can help bring about changes in the environment, the unique features in this level comprise The Garden, the Vault of Life, and an Ecosystem simulator.

Once at The Garden, you can witness some interesting augmented and virtual reality technologies that give a preview of a mind-boggling concept of a genetically modified and digital Amazon Forest. The DNA vault called the Vault Of Life lets you explore more than 2000 species that are locked inside laboratory glass jars. The Ecosystem Simulator is built with the intention of healing the world having undergone the vagaries of climatic changes and human irregularities.

Museum of the Future
LEVEL 3: Al Waha

Al Waha translates to ‘Oasis’ in English and the level features two unique zones, the Make a wish pool and the Sensory Room. They bring about a series of experiences that have a curative effect on your mind, body, and soul. The Make a Wish Pool has been created with the intention of giving a respite to visitors from the museum’s hard-core futuristic concepts. It will bring you to a pool that is believed to have healing powers and where you can also make a wish for your future. The Sensory Room serves as a sanitarium for your senses with sections where a variety of activities are conducted that serve as a source of solace for your mind.

Museum of the Future
LEVEL 2: Tomorrow Today

As the name suggests, celebrate futuristic technologies that mankind can benefit from in the coming years at this chapter of the Museum of the Future Dubai. The technology exhibited here involves gadgets and innovations that can aid in shaping an obstacle free tomorrow. It has been created in view of the challenges faced by this generation. One of the sections here, Futuristic Technology focuses on hard-core tech and aims at educating you on its immense power towards shaping a future we dream for ourselves. The other section is a Viewing Deck where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Museum of the Future
LEVEL 1: Future Heroes

This section has been created solely for entertainment of the young minds and children have a great time learning in play when they are here. The entire section resembles a real life video game where the children get to be the players themselves. It is one of the best ways to expose your kids to new technology, gadgets, and innovative concepts that not only is a fun experience for them but also a unique way to develop them. Navigating their way through various levels of difficulty helps them sharpen their problem-solving skills and conquer challenges. Moreover, they get to collect badges against their achievements which makes it all the more alluring.

Construction of Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future construction is nothing short of a wonder which also makes it one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole world. Designed by Dubai’s award-winning Killa Designs, the museum’s entire construct is such that it forms a very unique torus shaped structure with an elliptical void in the center. This however, was no easy feat and to get from vision to solution took some of the most brilliant engineering minds.

Museum of the Future

The vision behind the Museum of the Future construction was to create a building that depicted the makers’ perception of the future. Not only the outer façade but also its interiors consist of detailing that represents the world as it would be several years from now.

Museum of the Future

The very unique shape of the building was one of the main challenges faced by the creators in the Museum of the Future Dubai architecture. Apart from that, they were also challenged by the distinct symbolic concepts that had to be incorporated within the structure that spans almost 30,000 sq m.

Museum of the Future

The Museum of Future Dubai architecture involved some of the most creative minds and specialist engineers who formed a team to create the museum’s structure. First, the in-house parametric tools were created which then helped them build the structure with stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced polymer.

Museum of the Future

The museum stands on a large tuft of green grassy mound that represents the earth holding the future on it. It is situated on one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city, the Sheik Zayed Road. The structure stands in conjunction with some of the other iconic structures that form the glittering skyline of Dubai.

Museum of the Future
Futuristic Building

The Museum of the Future building has been constructed in a very unique shape that has posed a lot of challenge to its creators. The futuristic concept of the building required some of the most state-of-the-art technologies such as the latest 4D BIM algorithms. It was also bestowed the LEED Platinum status, a title that is given to a building of such distinct stature.

Museum of the Future
Sustainable Design Aspects

The Museum of Future Dubai architecture reflects sustainability as it has been created with over a thousand glass-reinforced panels that helps improve external insulation as well as the lighting inside. Apart from that the building boasts greywater recycling systems, regenerative drive lifts, and power sourced from photovoltaic solar arrays placed outside the building.

Museum of the Future
Exterior Arabic Calligraphy

The Arabic calligraphy that adorns the outer façade is a veritable work of art that enhances the building's appeal many fold. It also adds to the utility factor of the building as the cut out windows in the calligraphy lets sunlight stream into the museum’s interiors creating a warm fuzzy aura within.

Museum of the Future
Facade & Panels

The distinct torus shape of the building is inspired by Chinese Feng Shui and required an assortment of stainless steel and glass-reinforced panels. Each of the 1024 panels are unique owing to the shape of the structure and were in turn created with robotic assistance. They were individually created by engineers with in-house parameters.

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